A Running Melody 001 - WOLF Music


The first episode of A Running Melody comes from London based label, WOLF Music.  WOLF was started back in 2009 by Matt Neale and Stu Clark, two house and disco fanatics who were looking for a creative outlet.  They've had amazing releases from the likes of Bicep, Session victim, and Francis Inferno Orchestra, along with a steady stream of music from their core roster of Medlar, Greymatter & KRL.  

After meeting Matt & Stu at The Garden Festival in Croatia several years back I've seen them play sets around the world.  They're real selectors who appreciate the history of house & disco.  

When I told them about the concept of the series and asked for a mix, Stu said "Get ready for Mid-80's Funk Overload!"   And that's exactly what we got.