A Running Melody 002 - John Malcolm Moore (Sisterhood / TIEF)


Up next for A Running Melody is the talented John Malcolm Moore, one half of London's Sisterhood and an all around good bloke.  With a couple of really strong releases on TIEF, remixes for Let's Play House and top notch DJ sets, Sisterhood's been pumping out quality tunes for a few years now.  On top of the synthy productions and DJ sets, John's a true music lover and someone I was super excited to have as part of the series.  Some words below from the man himself on what to expect...

"This mix is a collection of records I wouldn’t usually play out when I DJ as Sisterhood. I set out to make something I would want to listen to whilst working my day job animating. Its a mixture of ambient, krautrock, disco, italo, electronica and just records I really love but don’t get to play often. Hope you enjoy it."

Check it out below, really strong vibes!