A Running Melody 007 - OOFT!

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Up next, we have FOTO Recordings head honcho, OOFT!.  Ali has had a hand in labels such as L.E.S.S. Productions alongside The Revenge and DJ 2Three, has released on labels like Delusions of Grandeur, WOLF Music, and Instruments of Rapture, and has held residencies at places you may have heard of named Sub Club.  He's got deep roots in the Glasgow music scene and his productions & DJ sets have a ton of breadth musically, so we were really excited to have him as part of the series.

Some words from the man himself...

"So, after being asked to contribute to the mix series and come up with something interesting my first thought was - head straight to the 80s boogie/soul section for a smooth but popping mix. However on checking the previous episodes in the series I noticed Stu from Wolf Music had already rinsed that idea! Next my thoughts turned to selecting some nice pitch-down / slo-mo records that usually sit as track B2 on an EP and perhaps don't get as much love as they should. I'm a real sucker for slowed-down house sounds so had plenty to choose from. That being the case I decided to keep it pretty current in terms of releases, and popped in a few OOFT! jams for good measure too. I've spent the last couple of years slowly working on the debut OOFT! LP so have plenty of demos in various states of completion, and have managed to fit in 3 tracks that may (or may not) appear on the finished album. There's also an unheard OOFT! Edit in there too. The mix itself was recorded in my favourite way - at home in one take with my trusty DJR-400 mixer and a Space Echo delay pedal for extra dub-outs."

You can find more on OOFT! and FOTO Recordings below, enjoy the mix!

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FOTO Recordings


1. Petar Dundov - Missing You 2. Steve Moore - Lwaxana 3. Das Komplex - Openwork Socks 4. OOFT! - Not In Love 5. Obas Nenor - Wakee 6. Bydesign - Be Still (Osmose Mix) 7. OOFT! - Remote Lover 8. Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (OOFT! 33 Edit) 9. Mr Ho & Heap - Veils Of The Beloved 10. Easy To Remember - Mental Boulevard 11. OOFT! - Proteus Maximus 12. Roy Comanchero - Mick (Kim Brown Remix) 13. Jesse Futerman - Jesse Is A Gambler (Jacques Renault Edit)