A Running Melody 005 - Martin Hayes (Rose Records)

Episode 005 comes from a super talented DJ and Producer hailing from Leipzig, Germany - Martin Hayes.  Martin runs his own Rose Records and has had a couple of great releases on Razor N Tape in the last year.  I knew right when I asked him to participate in the series that he would throw something special together, and he did.  It fits the vibe of the series perfectly and from start to finish exposed us to tracks we'd never heard before.  

Check out what he had to say about the next episode, then sit back and listen a few times because it's fantastic!

OK, so the idea of A Running Melody is to encourage one to re-think the art of mixtape and to dig out records and record one hour far beyond the usual podcast mass, i thought it would be a good idea to come up with a mostly soundtrack based podcast.  So, here we are with funk, disco and library sleaze from obscure films with added snippets from 70/80s adult film galore to maximize the climax.   

Check out Martin at the links below!



Rose Records