A Running Melody 003 - Kris Guilty (Montreal)

Episode 003 from Kris Guilty. Super excited to have Kris throw together this gem for us. He's a dope DJ and real selector who blew me away when I saw him for the first time up in Montreal at Le Bleury-bar à Vinyle.  Here's some background on Kris and some words from the man himself on the mix:

Kris Guilty is a born and raised Montrealer, a city that has been a silent partner to New York in all it's musical and cultural activities for the last century. Jazz, Disco, House and their paralleled social implications... dig deeper and you will find a little Montreal.

Growing up with the relics of his dads Disco years around the house Kris quickly took to being the musical guide of family, community, and school parties. The graffiti years of early adolescence and onward led him to the under ground of the city, a world that primarily existed at night and in to the early morning. The energy of the loft/warehouse would blend with the familiarity of a house party to create his process. That being said, DJing was not enough, so the ritual of party organization was inevitable. Over the last 10 years Kris has been involved with many projects, some more known than others, organizing jams around the city in the DIY spirit and in clubs. He has played with and been behind bringing a wide range of artists... this list will one day be compiled but for now he is still on the move.

'This mix brings together some early influences, local funk, dusty 45 finds, international bits (that UK sound!), and my most recent discipline of finding the best song on a mediocre album and making it shine in a mix. All of these records with the exception of 1 or 2 are easy to find, affordable, and will be funky for another three decades.'

A Running Melody 002 - John Malcolm Moore (Sisterhood / TIEF)


Up next for A Running Melody is the talented John Malcolm Moore, one half of London's Sisterhood and an all around good bloke.  With a couple of really strong releases on TIEF, remixes for Let's Play House and top notch DJ sets, Sisterhood's been pumping out quality tunes for a few years now.  On top of the synthy productions and DJ sets, John's a true music lover and someone I was super excited to have as part of the series.  Some words below from the man himself on what to expect...

"This mix is a collection of records I wouldn’t usually play out when I DJ as Sisterhood. I set out to make something I would want to listen to whilst working my day job animating. Its a mixture of ambient, krautrock, disco, italo, electronica and just records I really love but don’t get to play often. Hope you enjoy it."

Check it out below, really strong vibes!  


A Running Melody 001 - WOLF Music


The first episode of A Running Melody comes from London based label, WOLF Music.  WOLF was started back in 2009 by Matt Neale and Stu Clark, two house and disco fanatics who were looking for a creative outlet.  They've had amazing releases from the likes of Bicep, Session victim, and Francis Inferno Orchestra, along with a steady stream of music from their core roster of Medlar, Greymatter & KRL.  

After meeting Matt & Stu at The Garden Festival in Croatia several years back I've seen them play sets around the world.  They're real selectors who appreciate the history of house & disco.  

When I told them about the concept of the series and asked for a mix, Stu said "Get ready for Mid-80's Funk Overload!"   And that's exactly what we got.